Sod Installation and Removal

Are you looking to brighten up your properties with some green? At Reno Landscaping Company, our service provides top line quality and expertise when installing your lawn. We also offer removal services for lawns with dead or patchy grass. Depending on the option you select, our  sod will be organically prepared, leveled, and grading for your project.


Our Installation Process

If your unfamiliar with Sod, it’s is pre-grown grass that is sold in various sized sections. Many homeowners choose this option because the grass is  evenly spread out and weeds are minimized. Whether you need sod installation in the backyard or grass needs to be replaced, we take the necessary steps to ensure you will be happy with the result. 

  1. Clear. We check the space and remove exiting grass if needed. It is very important to start with a clean base which is why we treat for weeds so the new sod is ready to go.
  2. Preparation. For best results we treat the sod with nutrient rich compost to ensure proper root are ready to be planted.  
  3. Roll. Using specialized equipment, we  level the sod and ensure precise placement. Inexperience with this step can lead to drainage problems. 
  4. Installation. We will lay the sod one piece at a time, to properly cover the area you desire.
  5. Treat. After being layered, the sod needs to be treated with water. Our team will educate you on proper watering techniques to ensure the grass will last. 

How Much Does It Cost To Install Sod?

One factor to consider is purchasing sod is a much quicker way to a beautiful lawn. The other alternative is  seeding which can lead to an poor outcome. The installation of sod is the highest quality material on the market for grass. Imagine in just a few days the transformation of your bare dirt into a lushes  lawn.

Here are the options for Sod. The most popular types include Centipede, Zoysia, Bermuda, and 

When family or potential home buyers come to your property, a notable element is the appearance of your land. Although a retaining wall might be boring. It can still look and perform great. When building our walls, we use the highest standards and quality. The wall can be constructed to coordinate with the rest of the landscaping or design of house. 

To keep cost down we precisely measure your property. Usually, over sizing is the largest contributing factor in the cost of sod installation. In our experience  the three major level that will impact the cost of your project are:  

  • Site Grade 
  • Preparation of Ground
  • Installation Method