We are on a mission which is to help out the community with affordability and quality landscaping. Each customer will have a personal experience with our company and take care of your needs.


Our vision is to become the best landscaping company in Reno. We also want to be able to donate profits to charity. We believe in giving back and helping others.


Our values are were built on hard work, integrity, and customer service. We like to think we have the highest standards in the region so you will have a great experience.

Landscaper Reno

We are a family business that has been professionally serving Reno, Nevada, for a long time. We operate under the concept of doing work right the first time. When hiring a landscaping company, a problem is miscommunicates and issues with your project. Here at Reno Landscaping Company, we have a very experienced team that is guaranteed to get the job done. With us, we have excellent communication and are fully upfront when working with customers.