Pavers and Retaining Walls

When it comes to landscaping, walk ways and walls are crucial for your property. One great use for paving stones is the long lasting ability and resistance to environment elements. Typically, residential and commercial applications both find needs in this category.

If thinking about this option for yourself, here is some criteria you should consider.

  1. Appearance. They serve an aesthetic end for residential front and backyards.
  2. Functionality. A nice and leveled patio provides the family with an outdoor space for dinner and summer gatherings.



Why a Retaining Wall

To shape your landscape, a perfect addition is retaining walls. When Properly constructed, a retaining wall will prevent erosion and add usability to backyard. The types of material we offer are concrete blocks, stone, or brick retaining wall  Here are some considerations in soli that can affect the cost and or design of a retaining wall system.

  1. Dirt is the easiest to maneuver and has the lower prices on the septum. 
  2. Sandy soil is the hardest to contain since the material does not sit.
  3.  Heavy clay, is a crucial element that adds slightly more cost to labor.
  4. Roots and utilities. These are some aspects that should be heavily inspected to eliminate costly damage. 

Whether sand or dirt, soil is a significant element that influences not only the price but  design of your system. Here at Reno Landscaping Company, We understand and take into consideration all these elements when designing retaining walls for our clients. Some retaining walls are shorter and designed to hold back small slopes, while others are much larger and must be engineered to keep tons of rock and soil in place. No matter what size you need or custom modification, we can design the perfect retaining wall to meet your needs. We also use only the highest quality material that is hand picked. This is to ensure our walls don’t crumble and are relatively low maintenance. 

Why choose a retaining wall?

Increase Home Value

The value of a functional and up-kept backyard can easily fetch a pristine price on the open market. 

A retaining wall provides privacy and is made so the landscape looks aesthetically pleasing. They can also help to separate one area of your yard from another.

While their main functions are definitely to retain soil, retaining walls don’t have to be an unattractive and boring component of your yard.

Property Aesthetics

When family or potential home buyers come to your property, a notable element is the appearance of your land. Although a retaining wall might be boring. It can still look and perform great. When building our walls, we use the highest standards and quality. The wall can be constructed to coordinate with the rest of the landscaping or design of house. 


In every situation, we strive to personalize our encounter with customers. Retaining walls can be constructed out of numerous materials and curved blocks. This allows for creative designs that twist and turn, creating beautiful elements throughout your landscape. Using only the top manufacturers, We carry a wide selection of colors and material composition. This is how we can create and installation beautiful walls.